Monday, January 31, 2011

Your Life In The Natural Lane: Introducing... Ms. Tandia M.

 Why we love her?!?! Because she is cute, funny, and great!!!!

How long have you been natural?
I Have been natural since October 2010

What made you want to go natural?

I never enjoyed the effects of a relaxer. I really just got tired of my hair not having any body. Because my hair is not thick to begin with, when would relax it my hair did not have much body. I  wanted to tap into the my natural hair because I figured it would be different.

What made you do the Big Chop opposed to Transitioning?

I transitioned for about 7 months. I finally big chopped because  I did not want to deal with the two textures. I had to keep telling myself “just chop of the relaxed ends they are of no use”

What was your initial reaction?

 When I big chopped I was so excited. I took a picture in the parking lot and sent it to my best friend. I was ready to start working with my natural texture with no inference form those relaxed ends!

What advice would you give someone new to the natural scene, that you wish someone would have told you?
Hmm… I would tell someone not to think so long about it. Your natural hair is going to be the same texture weather you “big chop” or transition, so just make that decision on which one your going to do and focus more on keeping your hair healthy In the meantime.

What is one product you can not live without?
I must have conditioner. Without my conditioner I really don’t think I would even have a good base to start with. (Treseme Naturals)

Who would you consider to be you natural inspiration?
I would say my friends and family. Everyone around me was very supportive with my decision to go natural. And when I big chopped everyone was just as excited as I was. I also draw inspiration from people who are curious about going natural. When people ask me about going natural I feel like I’m helping them to embrace the possibility of rocking their own natural hair.

Do you have hair regimen, and if you have one, what is it?
Well I do and I don’t, Right now I’m still in the experimental stage with my hair. The only thing that is routine with me right now is that I wash my hair once a week. I have about three products that I use most of the time, but I’m always trying new things until I find the routine that I’m going to stick with.

  What is your favorite style to wear your hair in? 
Wash and Go fo sho LOL!!! Well that is the style that I were most of the time. It has grown to be my favorite but the frohawk is in close second.

What are your hair goals?

I want to maintain healthy hair first. I want to also be able to learn how to do more styles with my hair so that I can extend that favorites list :)
What is your favorite hair accessory?
Headbands Headbands and…Headbands. I have at least 20, and I must give some credit to the headband for making Natural hair fun!

What are two important things you have learned about natural hair.
1. It is just as much work as relaxing (if not more)

2. My natural hair is just like me. It has a mind of its own ;)

What is your favoritebeauty supply, or online hair store to but products from?
Target! They have fun headbands and they now sell natural hair care products.

Have you changed from this experience?
Making the decision to go natural has helped me to see that change can be fuMaking the decision to go natural has helped me to see that change can be fun, and that sometimes not knowing what’s going to happen is the best part about change!n, and that sometimes not knowing what’s going to happen is the best part about change!

 Do you have any regrets?
Not at all!

My Nails Don't Care: Sally Girl Mini Nail Polish in Chunky Glitter Pink

Sally Girl Mini Nail Polish in Chunky Glitter Pink

A product thumbnail of Sally Girl Mini Nail Polish

Pros: Sally Girl nail polish has big chunky glitter pieces mixed in with small chunky glitter piece that gives you nail the effect of being jeweled... what girl wouldn't love that????

Cons: Ok... as pretty and fun this glitter nail is... it is hard to work it, and a b*tch to remove... smh. This glittery beauty took a hour to remove... not fun at all.

*Side Note: To remove any tough glitter lacquer from nails
1. Highly saturate a cotton ball then wrap it around you finger
2. Then cover that finger tightly with aluminum foil
3. Let the stay for about 10-15 minutes that press down hard on the finger when removing all the glitter should be removed from your nail.

I am still debating if it was worth it of not...who am I kidding!?!?! Of course it was!!!!

Even though the application to get the effect I desired was just hard to apply as it was to remove, I have to admit it this is such a fun look. The fact that it was only $0.99, (althought I used half the bottle to get this didn't hurt either! I wish I could just track down the Milani Jewel FX  SPECIALTY NAIL LACQUER JEWEL FX that my heart really desires... but until then this will be a cool knock off until I claim victory!!!
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Natural Hair: Pantene ProV Curly Hair Series Review Part II

Ok folks the time has arrived!!! 
My review of the Pantene ProV Curly Hair Series

Friday, January 28, 2011

My Make-Up Don't Care: My Simply Smokey Eye

My second tutorial

Quick and simple :) Enjoy !!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Nails Don't Care:Finger Paint's Romanticism Ruby

I came cross this Finger Paint while roaming aroundromanticism ruby Sally's Beauty Supply... and they were on sale so I picked up 2 packs of 2. I must say I am now a fan of Finger Paint... the color has lasted well over a week without chipping or anything! I have to be honest I have been doing a lot activities lately and this nail laquer hasn't chipped or anything I am very impressed!
Don't you just love the Color & Glittery Goodness!!! 
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Your Life In The Natural Lane: Introducing... Ms. Safiya S.

Why we love her: Because I am so excited about her new hair journey. I was lucky enough to snag this interview with Safiya as she transitioned from locks to BEAUTIFUL coils & curls! 
What made you decided to go natural?
I went natural in 2001.  I was a sophomore in college, broke and frustrated by the challenge of trying to keep my permed hair maintained.  It was shoulder-length by that time, but I was just so over the upkeep.

How long have you been natural?
Over a decade now (wow!).

What made you decide to comb your locks out?
This entire idea started when I had my first daughter.  She is half Latina and half African American, so she typically wears her hair in a tightly-curled fro.  I was surprised how many people -family, friends and strangers alike - would approach me and say, “Your daughter is so beautiful.  When are you going to start doing her hair?”  I’d always look puzzled thinking, her hair IS done.  I decided it was important for my girls (I have a second now) to have a hair role model with whom they could identify.  I wanted to comb out my locs to wear an afro like my girls so they could grow up knowing that their hair is beautiful just as it is - no braids, beads or other accessories necessary - and see a woman who embraces that.

What were your first thoughts when you finished the comb out process?
I really couldn’t believe it.  I looked at this massive, mushroom of hair on my head and for a moment I panicked.  What had I done?  I don’t know the first thing about how to take care of MY hair.  Then I remembered why I did it and started to think about how much fun it was going to be getting to know my hair again and experimenting.  I haven’t looked back since.

What (if any) research or advice did you get about the comb out process before you did it?
I googled it extensively.  I asked friends with locks.  I talked to a coworker who’d actually gone through the process.  I thought about it literally for at least three months.

How long did you have your locks?
4 years, 10 mos.

How long did the comb out process take?
It took me 13 days, a lot of conditioner, a lot of patience, and a lot of help from friends and family.  On average, it took between 30 and 45 min. PER LOC.

Do you regret combing your locks out?
Nope.  Almost daily one of my girls touches or gazes at or asks about my hair and that makes it all worthwhile.  We style our hair together, and get ready together.  I let my oldest “do” my hair.  It’s really something I would not change.

 Have you found any product you can’t leave without yet?
Not yet!  I do love Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk and Lisa’s Elixir, Shea Moisture Leave-In Conditioner, and Miss Jessie’s Rapid Recovery.  I’ve used, and liked, LuvNatural’s leave-in conditioner recipe as well as Giovanni’s 50:50 shampoo. Oh, and good ol’ water!

How do you feel now: do you love it, do you miss the lock?
I love it.  I maintained a lot of length and am excited about my next challenge: seeing how long I can grow my natural hair.  I’m in the find-which-products-work-for-my-hair process, and even though it can be overwhelming at some time, I’m enjoying it.

What are/were some people’s reactions?
I walked into my boss’ office the day after I finished and she looked at me and said, “What happened to your hair?” It was jarring, and a little off-putting.  But she went on to say she didn’t know people could comb out their locks so it gave me an opportunity to talk about how I did it and why.  It’s growing on folks now.  My husband was in love with my locs; he’s warming up -- slowly!

Would you go back to locks?
I’ll never say never, but I don’t think so.  I feel like that season’s over and done with.  On to the next thing.

What advice would you give someone that is thinking about going through this comb out process?
Think about it and research it a lot.  You need to be dedicated to the process.  Know that - in my opinion - free, natural hair is A LOT more work than my locs ever were; and a lot more daily maintenance.

What advice would you give someone new to the natural scene, that you wish someone would have told you?
No matter what natural style you choose, free yourself from the idea that straight, or soft waves, or “good hair” is what looks good.  However your hair grows out of your head is how God made you beautiful in your own way.  Anything you do to it is just an enhancement to what God made.  Going into it with that idea - the idea that you don’t have to make your hair beautiful, but that it already innately is - will allow you to really enjoy the freedom that comes with natural hair.

Who would you consider to be you natural inspiration?
Hmm. Definitely my daughters.  And, now that I’m on a mission to maintain length, I would say that KimmayTube (LuvNaturals) is definitely someone I admire.  I also really admire Afrobella and my girlfriend, Jenn Roberts, who is like my hair and product mentor and is just so patient and brave and knowledgeable. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Blogging On The Go: Makeup Madness: Physicians Formula Happy Booster

So 2 of my favorite makeup gurus Cora & Emily gave a peek at these items, and I searched high and low and couldn't find it anywhere. While at Rite on the hunt for the Wet N Wild palette "Silent Treatment" I accidentally stumbled upon the display for these compacts of hearts & happiness they had about 4 different type but i only picked up the7321 bronzer and the 7322 blush. Review is one the way and they will determine if get the whole collection.
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Natural Hair: My Follow-Up Review of Tangle Tweezer

I LOVE THIS ITEM!!!! This should be every naturals must have item!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Natural Hair: My Review of Organix Moroccan Argan Oil... Epic Fail

Well folks as good as this product sounds, it was a disaster. I even left a comment on there facebook page along with this video and they deleted it. I mean they could have at least reached out to say sorry or I will be hitting them up on there website (TAKE THAT!).

Friday, January 21, 2011

Zoya Professional Lacquer

I just recieved my 3 free bottles of Zoya Professional Lacquer yaaaaaaaaaay! Picked up from (left to right) Tiffany (yes it's really called Tiffany, how could I not get it since it is my name!) Which is a golden rosey glitter color. Edyta which is sort of a dark green metal type of color with gold shimmer. Stacy appears to be a plum & red color mix! They also set me color palette tester excited!
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The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.... I Mean The Best Thing Since Denman Brushe???

Ok I saw a video about this item on YouTube and picked up a hot pink one (I mean how could I not get the hot pink one?!) Stay tuned for my review/results :)
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Contest: Tell Me About...YOU!!!! (Open)

Hi all this is my first contest I have reach 50 subscribers and like I said in one of my past videos I will be doing a giveaway/contest for every 50 subscribers!!!
You must be 18 or older
You must be subscribed to my YouTube Channel Shelle0729
You must be subscribed to my Blog (This One)
You must follow me on Twitter @That_Tiffany
You must comment on each site telling me that you would like to enter the contest

The Contest
All you have to do is tell me about you... 
What makes you great 
What makes you smile everyday
What puts you in a good mood
 In 5 minutes or less (in video response) and label it "Shelle0729 Contest: All About Me" to my contest video
When you leave me a comment pick 3 numbers 1-20
The person that moves me the most or makes me smile the most will be the winner
The winner will be announced February 28
Tell yous friends & Good luck!!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Nails Don't Care

Heeeeeyyy laquer lovers! I am currently sporting "Dressed to the 9's" by Confetti with beautiful swirl of deep red & gold shimmer caught my eye randomly while at CVS! I am glad I am glad I picked it up :)Published with 

Just look at it! How can't you not see this color and be intrigued ?!?!?!!
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Thrift Store Haul: Earring Edition


 Babe on a budget is Back!!!! I did a mini Thrift Store Haul and found this beauties! Some where clip-ons some where not, so here we go:

Clip-Ons Gold Trim With Purple/Violet & Gold Specs On A Black Base

 Silver Drop Earrings With A Iridescent Background

Clip-Ons Chunky Faux Mother Of Pearl Pieces On Black Background

Clip-Ons With Gold Trim Filled With A Peachy/Pink Center

 A Soft Blue Drop Earring Trimmed With Silver With A Silver & Peach Flower Design In The Middle 

 Paint Swirled Earrings With Pink, Purple, White, And Black 

Black Drop Earrings With Gold Trim White Flowers & Petals 

Your Life In The Natural Lane: Introducing... Ms. Heather M

 Why we love her....

How long have you been natural?

Started my transition in March of 2009...and officially cut off all my permed ends in March of 2010

What made you want to go natural?

I honestly did not understand the meaning of going natural at first, my beautician was only giving me 1 to 2 perms a year and she realized I was hurting my hair by doing it so infrequently, sooooo she suggested I try going natural. So glad I did!

What made you do Transitioning
opposed to the Big Chop?

I was way too nervous about chopping off all my hair, I applaud the women that can do that…at that time in my life I wasn’t gutsy enough to attempt to TWA. I wore sew ins while my hair transitioned.

What was your initial reaction?

I didn’t realize the beauty of my natural hair until I stopped wearing sew –ins a year later. I was in awe at how beautiful my natural hair was, I couldn’t remember it being like this and was mad at myself for ever getting a perm lol.

What advice would you give someone new to the natural scene, that you wish someone would have told you?

Be comfortable with your hair! Don’t worry about the negative remarks from friends/family who may not like the change. If you love it that’s all that matters…try new styles and rock them confidently. Oh and try not to become a product junkie…LOL..research your products before buying so that you’re not wasting money.

What is one product you can not live without?

I have two! One is my Shea Moisture curl and style milk…and the other one is CHI- Silk Infusion oil…the CHI isn’t considered a “natural” product...but it makes my hair soft and helps it to shine.

Who would you consider to be your natural inspiration?

Hate to be cliché but Kim Love “kimmaytube”  has definitely been an inspiration. After seeing her progress with her growth and the healthiness of her hair, I got on my job with taking care of my naps lol.  [Then there is] Ms. Keisha was my inspiration on the low ;-)

Do you have hair regimen, and if you have one, what is it?

I guess my weekly wash and/or co-wash. I generally wash my hair weekly. Before washing I detangle my hair using virgin coconut oil and a spray water bottle. I try to comb out any coils before hopping in the shower. I wash with Kinky Curly shampoo and condition with shea moisture’s “shea butter leave in conditioner”…

Have you changed from this experience?

Yes! I'm more bold about trying new things..and I'm more carefree about how people perceive me…I definitely grew tougher skin!

Do you have any regrets?

The only regret I have is not doing this sooner and also not realizing how to “transition. Like I said earlier I wore sew ins, but instead of getting a sew in where no hair was out..I had a small section in the front out…I continued to flat iron and blow dry it regularly and I suffered heat damage. The front of my hair is slowly curling like the rest of my hair, but there’s a huge difference in hair type from the front and the back.