Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Can't find the new Wet N Wild LE Sparkle 'Til Morning Palette? Don't Worry!

Can't find the new Wet N Wild LE Sparkle 'Til Morning Palette??? Don't worry, you really don't need it. "Why?", you ask? I'll tell you! Being as though Wet N Wild and Black Radiance are basically the same company, they have duplicated some of their products.
Case in point the Black Radiance quad in Moroccan Mix is an exact dupe for the left side of the Sparkle 'Til Morning palette!!!
                               The right side you can find the dupe for those colors in Wet N Wild palettes you may already have for instance if you have the LE Palette The Glided Age the brow bone colors are the exact same, The Sparkle 'Til Morning Definer color, The Comfort Zone Definer color, and  The Glided Age Crease  colors are the exact same. The Sparkle 'Til Morning Eyelid color , The Glided Age Eyelid color, and The Walking on Eggshells Crease colors are exactly the same.
Compared to The Glided Age
Let me know what  you think!!!