Saturday, January 8, 2011

Make-Up In A Minute: Clean your Make-Up Brushes!

Hello Make-Up Lover! If you wear make-up like I do, you real should know the importance of cleaning your brushes daily! : here is a quick CHEAP tip on how to do this... ready??? Use your shampoo & conditioner!!! Yes shampoo is a great way to get those brush fibers clean!
*I wet my brush with warm water (use luke warm to warm water, because you don't melt the adhesive inside the brush that is bonding the brush fibers to it)
*Put one drop of shampoo directly on the brush
*Now I place the brush in the palm of my hand and sort of do a stirring motion to build up a lather, this only takes a few minutes
*Then I rise out shampoo with warm water
*Add one drop of conditioner distribute to all fibers
*Then I rise out conditioner with warm water, I leave the conditioner on for 1-2 minutes
*Shape the fibers
*Lay brush on flat surface to allow the brush air dry fully before the next use
(This is why I own so many

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