Thursday, September 30, 2010

Natural Hair: Organic Root Stimulator Herbal Cleanse "Dry Shampoo" Tutorial

Very quick tutorial:

Monday, September 13, 2010

Thrift Store Haul Pt. 2 Pics

Brown Pant with Shimmer Pinstripe
 by iz Byer California Berkeley 50% off
Tan & Brown Stripe Pant by
Croft  Barrow 50% off
Black & White with Black & White Pinstripe Pant by
Dress Barn 50% off

Black with White Pinstripe by
M.K.M Design 50% off
Grey Slacks by John Paul Richard 50% off YES!!!!

Black & White Pant
by Express Studio Design
50% off YES!!!!
Grey Shirt with Black & Grey Flower by
New York & Company
Gold with Cream Undertone Shimmer Pant
by Express Studio Design 50% off YES!!!!

Black Lace Hemmed Skirt by
Tracy Evans
Chocolate Brown Pant with Cream Undertone
by New York & Company 50% off YES!!!!

Harvard Burgundy & White
by Urban Outfitters
Multi Colored Blazer by
Ann Taylor Loft
Black & White Skirt by Christian Dior
Pink Floral Shirt
by Realitee

Thrift Store Haul Pt. 1 Pics

It appears I left off a bag on the Video, and someone told me that I didnt get good shots of the bags so here we go... and I GOT ALL THESE BAG 50% OFF OF THE ALREADY LOW PRICES AT THE THRIFT STORE:

Red & Burgundy Faux Leather Victoria Secret's Bag
(upon reading the tag attached on the right it was part of a shower gel/bubble bath/body splash gift
Carmel Brown Liz Claiborne
Red Faux Crocodile Print
(No idea what company made this bag, the info is nowhere to be found on or in the
Chocolate Brown Leather Aldo Bag
Cloth & Leather Black Relic Bag
Multi Brown Patch Leather Printed Relic Bag
Black Butterfly Printed Liz Claiborne Bag
Better view of the print

The great books I got as well 4 of them I got 50% as well ***FIST PUMP***

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010