Monday, January 31, 2011

My Nails Don't Care: Sally Girl Mini Nail Polish in Chunky Glitter Pink

Sally Girl Mini Nail Polish in Chunky Glitter Pink

A product thumbnail of Sally Girl Mini Nail Polish

Pros: Sally Girl nail polish has big chunky glitter pieces mixed in with small chunky glitter piece that gives you nail the effect of being jeweled... what girl wouldn't love that????

Cons: Ok... as pretty and fun this glitter nail is... it is hard to work it, and a b*tch to remove... smh. This glittery beauty took a hour to remove... not fun at all.

*Side Note: To remove any tough glitter lacquer from nails
1. Highly saturate a cotton ball then wrap it around you finger
2. Then cover that finger tightly with aluminum foil
3. Let the stay for about 10-15 minutes that press down hard on the finger when removing all the glitter should be removed from your nail.

I am still debating if it was worth it of not...who am I kidding!?!?! Of course it was!!!!

Even though the application to get the effect I desired was just hard to apply as it was to remove, I have to admit it this is such a fun look. The fact that it was only $0.99, (althought I used half the bottle to get this didn't hurt either! I wish I could just track down the Milani Jewel FX  SPECIALTY NAIL LACQUER JEWEL FX that my heart really desires... but until then this will be a cool knock off until I claim victory!!!
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  1. i loooooove how sparkly polishes look, wish they were way easier to get off!