Thursday, November 11, 2010

Your Life In The Natural Lane: Introducing... Ms. Keisha

First let me start out by saying... I LOVE THIS CHICKS HAIR!!!!

How long have you been natural?
I have done this four times, ... so this time my last relaxer was Feb 2009, and  I big chopped June 2009

What made you want to go natural?
I'm much to lazy for relaxed

Did you do the Big Chop or Transition?
I have done both. I didn't do a super long transition because I love the freedom of a super short natural.

What was you initial reaction to your natural hair?
I loved it!

What advice would you give someone new to the natural scene, that you wish someone would have told you?
Less is more. You don't need a 40 dollar super product.

What is one product you can not live without?
Organic Root Stimulator Olive oil replenishing conditioner, it leaves my hair butter soft when used as a leave-in, It dries clear.

Who would you consider to be you natural inspiration?
 Crazy enough I love Jaden Smith's fro in the whip my hair video.

Do you have hair regimen? If so what is it?
I truly don't. I'm lazy. I'm either wearing a freshly co-washed fro, or a twist out.

Have you changed from this natural hair experience?
Yes! I want my children to see and respect the beauty in differences. I have a niece that always tells me she wish she had the courage to chop. My reply to her is "Stop thinking about what others will say, and live you life for what makes you happy!"

Do you have any regrets?
None at all. When I get tired of all the washing and twisting, I'll just get braids or a haircut. My husband loves my hair natural, and gets to pouting when I relax my

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