Monday, January 17, 2011

Thrift Store Haul: Earring Edition


 Babe on a budget is Back!!!! I did a mini Thrift Store Haul and found this beauties! Some where clip-ons some where not, so here we go:

Clip-Ons Gold Trim With Purple/Violet & Gold Specs On A Black Base

 Silver Drop Earrings With A Iridescent Background

Clip-Ons Chunky Faux Mother Of Pearl Pieces On Black Background

Clip-Ons With Gold Trim Filled With A Peachy/Pink Center

 A Soft Blue Drop Earring Trimmed With Silver With A Silver & Peach Flower Design In The Middle 

 Paint Swirled Earrings With Pink, Purple, White, And Black 

Black Drop Earrings With Gold Trim White Flowers & Petals 

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