Thursday, January 20, 2011

Contest: Tell Me About...YOU!!!! (Open)

Hi all this is my first contest I have reach 50 subscribers and like I said in one of my past videos I will be doing a giveaway/contest for every 50 subscribers!!!
You must be 18 or older
You must be subscribed to my YouTube Channel Shelle0729
You must be subscribed to my Blog (This One)
You must follow me on Twitter @That_Tiffany
You must comment on each site telling me that you would like to enter the contest

The Contest
All you have to do is tell me about you... 
What makes you great 
What makes you smile everyday
What puts you in a good mood
 In 5 minutes or less (in video response) and label it "Shelle0729 Contest: All About Me" to my contest video
When you leave me a comment pick 3 numbers 1-20
The person that moves me the most or makes me smile the most will be the winner
The winner will be announced February 28
Tell yous friends & Good luck!!!!


  1. Hey girlie it's me vanie....finally made it over yay!!! I wanna enter, my fam makes me smile.

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