Thursday, October 28, 2010

I got beef! But not really...sorta kinda... sigh. ***Update*** I AM REALLY BEEFIN!

10/9/2010 I was sooooooo excited about a purchase I made, because this item has "ME" written all over it! To top it off I was excited because I got 15% off (SICED!). Now the waiting game begins, one week goes by 10/16... NOTHING. Two weeks go by 10/16... NOTHING. 10/23 I send an email nicely asking where is my stuff, I paid !!! Now where is it??? A few hours later I get an email informing me they sent out an update email and "You should receive your item this week.", so I was like ok cool. I check my spam box and it was true they really did send out a update email on 10/21 saying "Due to high order volume please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery." [Insert cuss word here]. So I am like she said I would get them this week so I am good [insert happy face]. This whole week I have been getting home all excited and racing to the mailbox... but my mail box is empty [insert sad face]. So today I get another email from them NOW saying I should get my item by MONDAY 11/1! [Insert sad face].

I am all for supporting black business especially WOMEN black business. But this is ridiculous!!! I just don't think its cool i have to wait almost a month to receive something I have paid for in advance. I really think the only thing keeping me from going off is the fact, they have been in contact with me. Sad to say this might be my first and last purchase with them. [Insert sad face].

I won't put the name of the company out there...yet... I am going to pray about it!

Still  haven't received the item I purchased! But I did recieve an email! Yes! Another email! Saying,

"Hi, Thanks for your order! I am writing to inform you that your order will arrive on Thursday/ Friday instead of Monday/Tuesday as I projected. I received so many orders from AE's promotion and I fell a bit behind at one point. I'm back on schedule and you all will have your packages soon! Thanks sooooo much for your patience and understanding. :)"

Ok I have two problems with this!!!
1. You didn't say anything about recieving my package on Tuesday... YOU SAID MONDAY!!!
2. This is what you told me before as to why I hadn't recevied my order!!!!

I am soooooooooooo done with this company. I won't be ordering from this place again!!! Boutique Unique fool me once!

What really grinds my gears about this is the fact, I was going to do a BIG post about this, but THATS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The La Jay Half wig by Vanessa and other Fun Stuff!!!! PLUS A CONTEST!!!

The La Jay

The fierceness known as the La Jay Half Wig by Vanessa has been taking the natural world by storm!!! This big fun curly fro, has been fooling everyone, and has to lead many people to ask the question "Is that all your hair?!?!!?" The blending is ridiculous a good way!  I have watched many YouTube videos about this divalicious wig, before my search for it began. I searched about 6 beauty supply store in between DC and Maryland and came up short (insert sad face here).  I couldn't find this wig ANYWHERE in the color my heart desired which was 1B, it was sold out for about 2 weeks online, then I FINALLY found it at . I ordered it Wednesday night and got it Saturday morning!!!! Yes FOLKS that was standard shipping! I was SICED (random DC throwback slang word for EXCITED, I am bringing that word back into rotation!!). I had to cut it the length it was too much for Lucky it is layered. So on my on my way to church I was in the car cutting it (don't judge

ELF aka Eyes Lips Face

Let me start off by saying this place has the best sells ever! I can spend between $20 - $30 and get a boat load of stuff! They have specials where you can get 50% off of everything or free shipping. My favorite items I have purchased so far are:  The Studio Brushes and  The Studio Primer. So The brushes are soft and wonderful I purchased the 11 pieces set about a month ago which was $30 I bought it using the 50% off code so it came up to $15. The Studio Primer is awesome I combined it with a cheap eye shadow I got from the Dollar Tree, it looking just like my MAC eye shadows!!! It also, last all day! The Studio Primer is $3   bought it the same day I bought The Studio Brushes using the 50% off code so it came up to $1.50!

So last week I saw ELF had 2 Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palettes:

1. 32 eyeshadow palette $5

2. 100 eyeshadow palette $10

1. 32 eyeshadow palette $10 50% OFF = $5.00
2. 100 eyeshadow palette $20 50% OFF = $10.00

I am pleased with the purchase! I haven't used the eyeshadows yet so I will do an update with that.
I also bought a makeup storage cube that has 3 slots so I could put all my liners, lip glosses and brushes I have floating around my apartment and purses in one

Update: The 100 eyeshadow palette was sent to me broken, so I email ELF, and they informed me that since the item is out of stock, they would be giving me a refund on the item! I LOVE ELF!!!!!


The contest is very simple: If you can find a place in DC that sells The La Jay Half Wig by Vanessa in 1B, you will win one of my custom made Flower hair Clips! Just tell me what color you would like it in, and it's yours!