Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Apple Cider Vingar Oh How I Love Thee...

What do you see in the picture? Does anything stand out to you? No? Take another look and focus your attention to the ounces aka oz. Yes the number is correct that is 128 oz=1 GALLON!!!!

Now I know some of you maybe wondering, why would one person need all of that!?!?! Well I will tell you.

Apple Cider Vinger is one of my staple products since going natural. Apple Cider Vingar aka ACV has transformed my hair from hard to butta baby! After enduring its harsh smell for the health of my hair, I have come to love me some AVC.


2 cups Warm Warm (water that I boiled and let cool down)
2 cups AVC
so that gives you 4 cups of this concoction
I use about 2 cups of the risen for the soul purpose of I massage and cleansing the scalp
The other 2 cups I dedicate to cleaning my hair from root to tip.

Every since these dreaded scenes: (don't judge me these were done before I step my sound & lighting game

The ACV is a great shampoo hands down, it leaves my hair and scalp clean, my hair is super soft and silky, and my curls appeared more defined. ACV is also good for you hair PH which is good for promoting hair growth.

When I work out and the sweats build up in my hair, so instead of alway Pre-Pooing (not saying there is anything wrong with that) I just chose to through a AVC rinse in the mix just to balance things out.

Now... one of my favorite favorite YouTubers the lovely and talented, and pretty funny Ms. Lubellacoils taught me a second use for this holy grail of liquid knows as ACV. Which is using it as a skin toner.

Now... please stay with me on this if you have seen my pictures, and notice a glow I give all credit to the ACV! Don't get me wrong I do use bronzer, but I mainly apply bronzer as my under eye highlight. I also use bronzer mainly in the spring in summertime (any warm weather). So when I added the ACV to my skin care regimen, about a week into it I woke up one morning and stared and smiled. [insert you got that glow from the hit film "The Last Dragon"]

 I gave my skin a closer look and smile, and was beside myself with excitement about my beautiful skin. Now you all now how I feel about the smell soooo it must really work in order to put this stuff ON MY FACE!!!! I So I hope you all now understand my obsession with I will be trying out the organic formula to see if there is a difference. I will also using lemon juice for a toner in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that.

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