Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One of my new favorite things!!!! MILANI BAKED EYE SHADOWS

Sooooo was strolling around downtown DC on my lunch break and I randomly enter a CVS, and I came upon a beautiful display of colors and shimmers. To my surprise it was these beauties... Milani Baked eyeshawdows [insert squeals of excitement] I got six, and they were on sale buy one get on half off and a 4 dollar off coupon to top if off :::faints:::! The first one tried out was the marble shade called "Together 4ever". (Yes we will  be together forever... eyeshadow yes we will!) which is a beautiful mix of blue a shade and a redish gold shimmer...sigh "Shimmer how I love thee let me count the ways.."! That same weekend I strolled around some different CVS stores in different parts of DC, and even a Rite Aid, and came up empty handed I was soooooo sad [Que violins and mime... yes... a sad mime]. So yesterday I braved the cold and went to a few more CVS stores downtown (I have roughly ten or more CVS store within walking distance of my job...seriously). To my pure delight I found more[Insert jumping up and clicking heels here] this time solid colors :::faints again:::!!!!!  I am now a proud owner of 12 shades gorgeous shades...well 13 have to take one back because I bought a duplicate ...lol shows how much I love them!
***QUICK UPDATE 12/08/10*** Today found two more shades so now I have a total of 14, so I think I have them all!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY I have added them to my original list below along with pictures enjoy!
The shades are broken down into two group
1. Metallic

2. Marbleized
(609)MIX IT UP

Both can be applied wet or dry :) I prefer and recommend applying them wet.


Name: I HEART YOU(602)- This is a reddish dark pink color, more like a beautiful cranberry color.

Name: TEAL THE TRUTH(605)- This is a dark teal, with dark and light teal colors swirled to make this beauty.

Name: PINK TWICE(601)- This is just a pretty pink color(.).

Name: BLUE MY MIND(603)- This dark blue beauty has just a hint on shimmer to more it even more magnificent.

Name: PURRR-FECT PURPLE(604)- The name says it all!This is would be the color you would get if you combined Lilac & Purple=Purrr-fect Purple

Name: DRENCHED IN GOLD(606)- This is a mix of about three different gold shades, with different dark gold shimmers with a dark cream based(I wore this one today :-) )

***UPDATE*** Name:RICH JAVA(607)- This beauty looks just like a shimmery Chocolate YUMMY!!!


Name: FAMOUS DUO(614)- This is a mix of dark grey, red, with a silver shimmer I believe it has a very dark blue/black undertone.

Name: MINGLING(611)- This is a light sky blue, with a silver swirl and shimmer.

Name: MELANGE(608)- This is a black shade, swirled with a gold shimmer.

Name: MEDLEY(610)- Very similar to Melange this too is a rich black shade, swirled with a silver shimmer.

Name: INTERMIX(612)- This is a mix of dark grey, red, with a silver shimmer I believe it has a very dark brown shimmer which makes this POP! 

Name: TOGETHER 4EVER(613)- Beautiful blue a shade with a swirled redish gold shimmer.

***UPDATE*** Name: MIX IT UP(609)- This shadow is very FUN! It has a black base swirled with turquoise and silver shimmer! Beautiful just beautiful....

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  1. These are gorgeous and thank you so much for talking about them and taking pics! I bought the red one and melange (black n gold), then i went back and bought the pink...i have a lottt of mac so the blue one reminded of sea n sky, the teal one reminded me of macs teal pigment and the purple one reminded me of macs violet pigment. Pleaseeee please do swatches! And if you cant do that please comment me and tell me which ones you think are must haves because they arent on sale and I cant see spending all that money if some are dupes of what I have already being a huge makeup collector.