Wednesday, November 11, 2009

R.I.P Relaxed Hair

I remember the day I decided to go natural, my hair had gone from looking fab to frumpy ... I had no idea what was going on with it. I would go to the Dominica salon on Georgia Ave. I got my hair done every two weeks, even though they were rude as all getup I still went back, because I walked out the salon looking and feeling like a new woman.

 Cute right!?!?!?!!
Then something happened, my hair started falling flat. I would relaxed it and three days later it look like I had done nothing to It was like the body and shine my hair once had was gone like the wind. I don't know if it was stress from my job that killed my hair or what, but it was dead.

So I went to the beauty supply store, and bought me some cute half wigs and a straightening comb, I even picked up a Doctor Miracle Relaxer. I got home and stared at the relaxer I had purchase, and thought to myself... I just wasted some money. So I stored it in my linen closet next to the other countless hair products I no longer used. I washed, conditioned, and blow dried my hair it looked at the mess on the top of my hair known as my hair and was like I can't do this anymore, I really can't. I thought back to when my mother showed me a picture of my hair when I was little it was so long, thick, healthy, and chemical free. From that moment on I have set out to get my hair back to that state (.).

I parted my hair started to trim my hair, corn rowed the back and left out the front, touched up the front with my newly purchased electric hot comb, threw on my new half wig named the “Sophia”…lol. This was the day my journey to have natural hair started.

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