Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Fro-spiration

This is my best friend Aahtahbah (Ah-ta-bah), not only is she my best friend she is also my "Fro-Spiration"
(and that is really her hair in the pic, and not a wig)

I remember when all the girl in my hood were talking around with fresh relaxers and touch ups, but not She had her thick flowing strong mane of hair in either; a bun, french braided, or was rocking braids/extensions. I loved her for it

I remember I was at the park hanging out with friends (which was the norm) I saw Aahtahbah, and she had a relaxer!!! ***SHOCK*** Don't get me wrong her hair looked nice, but it "different". Aahtahbah's hair seemed less fuller, and it looked shorter?

Shortly after that Aahtahbah chalked up the deuces at the relaxer and started cutting it out of One year later my mother came home from work, "I just saw that damn Aahtahbah... with this big ass afro lookin like one of those Bone Thugs rappers."LMBO!!! I couldn't wait it see it for myself!lol. I ran down all the way to Sheridan Rd. I could see her fro from about 4 blocks away ... lol. Once I finally reached her I just stared at Aahtahbah's fro and all of it glory, thinking just how AWESOME IT

Looking at it today it still is awesome, and strong, just like her!

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