Friday, November 12, 2010

MAKE UP IN A MINTUE: Cute ways to use & get the most out of your foundation

I have found some great uses for foundation other than making your skin look flawless!

1. Eye shadow primer - foundation can double for a great primer for eye shadow. The last wear for most foundation can be a great base for eye shadow colors!

2. Lip color primer - the same way you can use foundation for a eye shadow primer you can use this tip for lasting lip color!

3. True Color - How many times have you saw a lip color to die for and once you applied it, it looks like a totally different color?!?! Well by applying foundation to your lips as a base, the color you see in the tube is the true color you really will get!!!!

4. Nude lip color - one of the most sought after lip colors is the perfect nude lip color! If you are anything like me I have spent alot of money and time searching for the perfect nude shade that fits me! Well ladies I have found it! Use your foundation! Yes YOUR FOUNDATION!

Step 1 apply your favorite chapstick/lipblam NOT A LIP GLOSS! 
(my personal favorite BURT'S BEES!!!)

Step 2 apply a neutral color lip liner.

(shown here top:810 Natural bottom:823 Earth Tone both liners by NYX)

Step 3 apply foundation on your lips.

(shown here is the foundation duo stick by Black Radiance with the Perfect Blend Creme Foundation Stick & Color Perfect Liquid Makeup)

Step 4 top off with your favorite lip clears lipgloss! And your look is complete!

I hope these fun tips help! Let me know what you think!

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  1. These are some great tips! Thanks!

  2. You are welcome let me know, how these tips worked out for you!