Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So What Happened To Me Going Shea Moisture Crazy At CVS Last Week??? This is what...

Hello all-

If you remember my last post about going crazy about the Buy 1 Get 1 Free CVS had with the Shea Moisture product... things didn't exactly go as

Finding what CVS carries the line DC was hard! Now I must admit I do live in the hood as I thought it was a done deal. Ohhhhhh but how wrong I was!!! I went to two near my house and they did have it, I even asked one of the employees if they were simply sold out, because with a deal like that, I could understand, but the employee told me flat out they didn't carry the line O_o!!! After my second failed attempt  I remembered when Walgreen started carrying the line and I hit me!!! THAT WALGREENS IS IN DOWNTOWN DC!!! SO lo and behold (or is it low and behold???) across the street from the same Walgreen is a CVS and GUESS WHAT??? THEY HAD IT!!! Now before I could do my happy dance, I was stopped dead in my tracks when I peeped those prices. You know how my love for Shea Moisture products started with the lovely price of $9.99 ... yeah it looks like CVS "don't have time for all that" (c) Sweet Brown. Because the Shea Moisture Line Ranges from $11.49 to $13.49 [insert side eye!!!]
Now... even when the Shea Moisture line came to the Walgreens in DC the line was priced at $10.99 (and the curl souffle was and still is priced at $14.99) , which made my eye twitch a little, but I still realized that it was a good deal because they ran the same Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal.
To to make this story a little short ... I ended up not purchase any of the Shea Moisture products, because I honestly don't need any because....


After a few days I noticed that I am running low on a few Shea Moisture items I was realized I would just suck it up and pay for the pay increase, because no matter how you look at it, it is still a good deal!!! So I started calling around to other CVS stores near me, and none of them carries the line. Now I am completely confused at how the Shea Moisture line is not being carried in the predominantly black neighborhoods in DC. I am not saying that it Shea Moisture fault or anything like that, but that just didn't make sense to me. However... that didn't stop me from going back down Once I got in the store I had another changes of heart... lol.

Here is what I got!!! 
These items ranged from $13.49 to $15.49 which came up to $82... then I scanned my CVS card and that brought my total down to $41.... then I had some Extra Care Bucks and gift cards, and I walked away paying $21 dollars for these 6 items... YASSSSSSSS!!!!

Product reviews coming soon...

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