Wednesday, September 12, 2012


So there I was strolling the isles at my local Beauty Supply, and of course I hit up the Kiss Cosmetics Display I wouldn't say i'm obessed with them but...

So I notice that name of one on these gorgeous shades... so I threw it in my basket along with another shade called "Deep Plum". I have been semi stalking the Azealia Bank MAC lipstick in Young Rapunzel, however I am not about that MAC prices
So once I got some down time I have taken some pictures and did a swatch for you all.

Aside from the fact the Kiss Brand is not a Matte Lipstick. I am pretty sure this a pretty good dupe!!! Did I mention Kiss Lipsticks are only $2.99!!! Yasssssss....
***UPPDATE: I found 3 other possible dupes YAY!!***
This one is by Cover Girls Queen Collection in Q400 Fine Wine and retails for about $7.99

This is the other Kiss Lipstick I picked up in Deep Plum and this is a tad bit lighter than Rock Star Purple, but can still hang in there with the rest of these dupes

Now out of all of the possible dupes, this (IN MY OPINION) is 99.9% the most like the Young Rapunzel simply because out of all the other shade this is the only Matte shade. and it is by Wet N Wild Number 919B Vamp It Up 


  1. Happy to say I have the cover girl and the wet and wild of these colors. I am set.

  2. but the vamp it up looks a little too dark. the mac looks more plum-ish lol