Thursday, April 21, 2011

My hair today...smh

Good morning DIVAS...
So my hair for today actually started last night... I got home and touched my hair for some reason I am not sure why but something told me to touch my hair. Hard. Dry. Hair. I sat there in shock because the day before I had cowashed and sealed my hair!!! So I took some Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in and Re-Two Strand Twisted it because my hair was sooo parched :(. I woke up this morning, and while still laying in bed (I was so lazy this morning... welll every morning) I felt that my hair was super moisturized!!! I was so happy I processed to unravel my twist. Once I was finished I went to the bathroom to see my results, and saw this.... 

Yes folks my hair looked a mess! It was 50% coily 50% jheri ... it wasn't the beautiful twist out I have grown to love, and expected... and that made me sad :(

I had to spring into action and come up with something!!! So very lightly damped my hair with water, and lightly coated my hair with some Shea Moisture Hair Milk. I then did two flat twist in the front of my hair on the left side and connected them at the ends

On the right side I did One flat twist

In the back I pulled the remaining hair into a messy bun.

I am going to apply a leave-in in my hair tonight, and leave it in over night so my hair so recover from whatever went wrong with my hair...
'til next time


  1. GIRL! That first picture, I would have panicked- great save :)