Monday, December 7, 2009

IT'S TOO HOT FOR THIS WIG!!! My first day at the office rocking my afro.

I remember the morning I decided I wasn't going to wear a wig, or weave to work. It was July, and it was hot. I remember looking in the mirror and thinking I can't do this today. I put the wig down and put some moisturizer in my hair, and that was that. Boy did the air feel good on my My head wasn't hot, my forehead didn't itch from the bangs my wig had, and I felt great! I didn't get nervous until I got closer to work.

The first person I see when I enter the building, was this short housekeeper guy...sigh. He said good morning, and I did the same, then he turned back around, says "boom shocka locka, girl I almost didn't recognize you, oh I like that, I like the natural thing!" All I could think while he was talking to me was "did he really just say boom shocka locka!!!!" I just walked away, I mean what could I do? Really?

The first person that sees me is my manager and one of his clients, they tell me that my hair is soooooo cute. Awwww thanks (((cocoablushes))). I then thought people you work with will tell you anything, so I put in a phone call to the at work gay guy, and tell him to come tell me how he likes my hair. The gay guy tells my flat out me doesn't like it. ***whomp, whomp, whomp*** Insert Sad face here______. LOL! So I see a few of my "at work friends" they tell me they like it. 1 out of 5... not bad.

I have heard that natural hair is frowned upon in the work place, especially when dealing to office politics. That may very well be true. I can honestly say I don't care. I love me, more than a job. I am happy with my "hair appearance".

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  1. If I have not learned anything about my short journey with natural hair its that you have to have confident in who you are and what you like. People have been revealed to be so shallow when it comes to something as small as hair choice. Kudos to you for keeping that stance to continue to walk confidently in who you are suppose to be be regardless of response. Hair just isnt a big deal to me and if something as small as that can separate or change your behavior that is an indicator that we are not compatible. (subtance please!!) Good post!!!