Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Nails Don't Care: Product Review: Zoe & Zac Naturals Creamscicle

Zoe & Zac is a natural nail polish that is part of the Payless shoe store Beauty Line. Creamscicle can be for Nail Trio: Vacation Villa.

 I love this color sooooooo much but it leaves me with clear color pockets on my nails. If you look below at the picture below at the base of my nail. 
I first thought maybe it was the Finger Paints base & top coat I used, so I tried again with my favorite Sally Hansen based and top coat... that didn't work any better. 
I even tried reapplying the color directly to the color gap parts, but that didn't help. This product did really disappoint me because I truly love this color. 
I then went to CVS on the hunt for a color that look similar to this. So I strolled around CVS with the Zoe & Zac bottle in my hand ... and then I came across this...
This is 10 Professional Nail Lacquer.
I don't know alot about this product but I bought it because it is such a perfect match to Zoe & Zac's Creamsicle, and it too is named Creamsicle

10 Professional is a little darker than the Zoe & Zoe, but thats good enough for me I hope you all enjoyed this  'til next time ~Tiff :)

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