Monday, September 13, 2010

Thrift Store Haul Pt. 2 Pics

Brown Pant with Shimmer Pinstripe
 by iz Byer California Berkeley 50% off
Tan & Brown Stripe Pant by
Croft  Barrow 50% off
Black & White with Black & White Pinstripe Pant by
Dress Barn 50% off

Black with White Pinstripe by
M.K.M Design 50% off
Grey Slacks by John Paul Richard 50% off YES!!!!

Black & White Pant
by Express Studio Design
50% off YES!!!!
Grey Shirt with Black & Grey Flower by
New York & Company
Gold with Cream Undertone Shimmer Pant
by Express Studio Design 50% off YES!!!!

Black Lace Hemmed Skirt by
Tracy Evans
Chocolate Brown Pant with Cream Undertone
by New York & Company 50% off YES!!!!

Harvard Burgundy & White
by Urban Outfitters
Multi Colored Blazer by
Ann Taylor Loft
Black & White Skirt by Christian Dior
Pink Floral Shirt
by Realitee

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