Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Make Up Madness...

Fellow youtuber The Fab African Export!!!! Did a video on where she found a good deal on Nxy Round Lipsticks!!!! 12 tubs of round lipsticks for $17.99!!! Yes folks you heard me correctly $17.99!!!! 
The seller allows you to chose from 144 colors!!!! Ebay Link :)

These are the colors I picked:
1.521 chloe
2.585 terra cotta
3.633 twist
4.559 raisin
5.530 medusa
6.513 electra
7.631 gem
8.624 hope
9.625 peach
10.610 celebrate
11.548 apollo
12.545 hero


The shipping was fast which was an added bonus!!!!

I am pretty excited!!!!

'Til next time!!!!

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